Community Guidelines

Paftom was founded on respect, safety and privacy.

We dream of offering a platform where everyone can express themselves freely and comfortably and view other thoughts. We want everyone to interact easily and be a part of this community without feeling attacked or pressured.

These rules are created to manage and control the content (username, profile photo, posts, etc.) and interactions on the platform.

The Paftom team has the right to terminate or restrict your content and access whether you violate the rules or not.

Paftom implements AI-powered software and content moderation techniques to ensure that these policies and rules are implemented. Additionally, reporting systems are available for users to report suspected or known violations.

If you think that you have not violated these rules, you can notify us via the objection form in the application or other communication options (e-mail, etc.) so that your situation can be reviewed by our team. However, we cannot guarantee that you will get positive or negative feedback from your notice.

The mentioned policies and rules are presented below with examples under titles. Thank you in advance for following the rules and beautifying our community.

Truth of Information

To ensure the platform is reliable and for everyone, the information provided by users to Paftom and the community must be true.

  • It is prohibited to imitate any real or legal person or try to damage their image.
  • False indication of age, gender and contact information (email address) is prohibited.
  • Hate and Violence

    It is completely prohibited to create psychological and physical violence and hateful content on Paftom.

  • Insulting, discrimination and hate speech against a person's race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, religious belief or political opinion is prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to create content containing verbal or written profanity on Paftom. Only content that contains clips of news, movies and TV shows is allowed in a censored form.
  • Psychological, physical, sexual, or verbal harassment targeting individuals or groups is prohibited.
  • You cannot threaten others in any way or contain elements of violence.
  • Sexual Acts and Pornography

    The creation and advertising of sexual and pornographic content on Paftom is completely prohibited. These include the following situations:

  • Prostitution and advertising prostitution are prohibited.
  • Content set to evoke pornography is prohibited.
  • Advertising sexual products is prohibited.
  • Alcohol and Tobacco

    It is okay to post legally permitted alcohol and tobacco products on Paftom. However, there are some situations that are prohibited:

  • It is prohibited to illegally sell or encourage the sale of such products.
  • Gambling and Betting

    Encouraging betting and gambling acts on Paftom is prohibited.


    Scamming and fraudulent acts on Paftom are prohibited.

  • Content that tries to defraud users with fake content is prohibited.
  • The selling and advertising of products such as herbal teas, medical products, weight loss pills, etc. without the permission of legally required institutions are prohibited.
  • Giveaways using follows, likes and such interactions among users are prohibited.
  • Child Safety

    Majority of the Paftom community consists of underage users (children aged 13-18).

    Below are the additional principles that we have stated to allow children to share and strengthen their personalities, minds, ideas and thoughts without hesitation. These policies were established to protect this user base and provide them with a more reliable platform.

  • Content that contains or encourages psychological and physical violence and hatred towards children is prohibited.
  • Content that insults the dignity of children is prohibited.
  • Sexually oriented and obscene content featuring children is prohibited.
  • Any content in which children consume alcohol or tobacco and content that encourages these behaviors are prohibited.
  • Our team does not tolerate any violation of the rules set to protect children. Your account and access will be terminated completely.

    Illegal Behavior

    It is your responsibility to abide by all applicable national and international laws. Although not stated above we as the Paftom team can take action in accordance with the law.

  • Any content and behavior that shows or encourages illegal actions and activities is completely prohibited.
  • Additional Terms

    We remind you that there may be additional terms that are forgotten or unspecified among these rules.

    These rules can be changed any time by the Paftom team, with or without notifying you.